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For us competition is an education. Our foundation is a genuine respect and appreciation for dance as an art form. We work to motivate students and encourage each dancer to do their best every time.


Our Fitbarre classes are a highly effective, low impact, total body workout. Improve your core strength, flexibility and posture while burning calories.

Snoqualmie Studios is the your local premier fitness and dance class & traning studio in the Snoqualmie Valley.

With a strong commitment towards personalized dance training and individual attention our classes are designed to make everyone feel comfortable enough to work at their own level and pace without feeling intimidated. Our instructors meet our dance and fitness students where they are. Whether it's giving modifications for beginners, or choreography that challenges the more advanced students, we are committed to providing the Snoquamile Valley with the best dance training possible. 

Snoqualmie Studios is a premier fitness and dance training studio with a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve.

Founded by award winning dancer, Lori Intoni, Snoqualmie studios offers the ultimate dance experience blending fun, ease, and comfort with quality dance instruction in a beautiful dance studio in old town Snoqualmie. Our first-rate services include private dance lessons, ballet, creative movement, group dance classes, fitBARRE classes, lyrical choreography, as well as tap, hip hop, jazz and breakdancing. All of our classes are designed to meet every dancer where they are whether that's beginners, or team competitions to inspire over-achievers.

Whether you are a looking for a new hobby, or to take your skills to the next level, Snoqualmie Studios unique approach to personalized dance instruction ensures that your needs and desires are met every step of the way.

It’s not just about learning to dance, it’s about feeling healthier and happier, while expressing yourself and being part of an incredible community.



We the full range of dance classes from creative movement to ballet, tap, contemporary, lyrical, modern, jazz, hip hop and breakdancing. 

Our classes are designed to make everyone feel confident and comfortable. Each person can work and learn at their own level and pace without feeling intimidated.